CHAD facilitates a variety of network teams for the purpose of delivering information and resources to member health centers and sharing clinical, marketing, workforce, finance and outreach best practices within a network of health center professionals. These teams are critical to the overall training and technical assistance CHAD provides health centers across the Dakotas.

The teams consist of at least one person from each member health center that works in the group’s respective discipline. Currently, CHAD facilitates five network teams:

Human Resources/Workforce
Outreach and Enabling



    CHAD works hard to ensure that network teams are well-functioning, with robust
    agendas, productive discussions and innovative training and assistance opportunities.
    The teams offer several benefits to participating members, including:

    • Identification of peer health center staff in the Dakotas to be used as a resource for
      asking questions and sharing ideas 

    • Networking opportunities to discuss relevant topics and issues 

    • Learning about national and regional best practices

    • Sharing experiences related to the implementation of best practices with peers, as
      well as developing ideas and solutions as a group

    • Using the CHAD team lead as a resource to seek out answers or examples
      from others

    • Identification of priority projects in which CHAD can assist in providing necessary
      training and/or technical assistance

    • Sharing information, resources and sample documents, and identifying ways CHCs in
      the Dakotas can be more efficient by working together on projects

   • Identification of future needs and priorities

Mary Hoffman
Director of Training & Operations
[email protected]