Data Aggregation, Analytics System and Pop Health Management Review
December 9, 2020

The Great Plains Health Data Network (GPHDN) hosted a webinar to provide an overview of the Data Aggregation and Analytics System (DAAS) and the process used to determine the recommended population health management (PMH) vendor. The PMH tool will be an essential component of the DAAS, and the recommended vendor, Azara, was available to do a brief demonstration if needed. The target audience was health center staff, including leadership, who may need additional information to help the decision-making process or have any questions on a PMH system or the DAAS. The goal is to have a general discussion on the PMH vendor and provide health centers with the necessary information to make a final decision.

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CHAD 2019 UDS Data Books Presentation
October 21, 2020 

CHAD staff presented a comprehensive overview of the 2019 CHAD and Great Plains Health Data Network (GPHDN) Data Books, providing an overview of the data and graphs that demonstrate trends and comparisons in patient demographics, payor mixes, clinical measures, financial measures, and provider productivity.

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Patient Portal Optimization Peer Learning Series - Patient Portal Optimization
September 10, 2020 

In this first session, Jillian Maccini of HITEQ educated on the benefits of and how to optimize the patient portal. The patient portal can be used to increase patient engagement, align and assist with other organizational goals, and improve communication with patients. This session also provided ways to incorporate portal use into the health center workflows.

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Horizon TytoCare demo
September 3, 2020

The main models are TytoClinic and TytoPro. TytoPro is the model Horizon used for this demonstration. TytoClinic and TytoPro both come with the Tyto device with the exam camera, thermometer, otoscope, stethoscope and tongue depressor. TytoClinic also comes with a O2 sensor, blood pressure cuff, headphones, desktop stand and an iPad. 

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Data-titude: Using Data to Transform Healthcare
August 4, 2020

CURIS Consulting delivered an overview of how the use of a data aggregation and analytic system (DAAS) can support collaborative quality improvement and payment reform efforts in a network environment. This training identified elements to consider when selecting a population health tool along with the risk and return on investment with population health management. The presenter also provided insight into how the data collected via a DAAS can provide future service opportunities for the network.

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GPHDN Summit and Strategic Planning Meeting
January 14-16, 2020
Rapid City, South Dakota

The Summit and Strategic Planning Meeting for the Great Plains Health Data Network (GPHDN) in Rapid City, South Dakota featured various national presenters who shared their health center controlled networks (HCCN) success stories and lessons learned along with ways an HCCN can assist Community Health Centers (CHCs) advance their Health Information Technology (HIT) initiatives. Summit topics focused on the GPHDN goals including patient engagement, provider satisfaction, data sharing, data analysis, data-enhanced value, and network and data security.

The strategic planning meeting followed on Wednesday and Thursday, January 15-16. The facilitator-led strategic planning session was an open discussion amongst the GPHDN leaders from the participating health centers and GPHDN staff. The discussion was used to align priorities, identify and allocate needed resources, and develop the goals for the next three years for the network. 

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